On May 21, 2008, Schreiber High School had a day of remembrance to honor the casualties of genocide in world history. Representatives of the Holocaust, as well as the Sudanese and Armenian genocides, came to speak to Schreiber students. Over 20 survivors gave presentations all over the school at all hours of the day. Some of them stopped by WDOT to do interviews with DJs Stephen and Eddie. Click below to hear the interviews.


Mr. Gewirtzman knows 7 languages. He used some of them to build a new life for himself after witnessing the horrors of the Holocaust in Europe. Click here to listen.




Mr. Roth explains in great detail life at Auschwitz, and how he survived. Click here to listen.




The "Lost Boys" of Sudan, talk about life in a refugee camp, and surviving the Sudanese Civil War. Click here to listen.





Mr. Horowitz was in the Lucky Seventh Division of the US Army. He was there when the concentration camps were liberated. Here, he explains what he saw in 1945.



Ms. Polofsky reflects on how the Holocaust changed her outlook on life, and how she cherishes every day since. Click here to listen.




Mr. Weinstein recalls the horrifying experience of life in a concentration camp. Click here to hear his account.




Ms. Geizels explains why she speaks to the youth today, and expresses frustration with how the world has not learned from the past. Click here to listen.




Mr. Sander talks about life in the Polish Army, and using survival skills during the Holocaust . Click here to listen.





The Ullmans hid out in an attic in Amsterdam during the war. Here, they recall living in fear while in hiding. Click here to listen.






Mr. Ronell speaks about life as a child during the Holocaust, and how history affected his life into adulthood. Click here to listen.





Ms. Glantz was very young when she went into hiding. She then went to Montreal before coming to the United States. Click here to listen.






Holocaust Survivor Anita Schorr interviews at WDOT in 2007.




David  Gewirtzman speaks to the Auditorium, while Agnes Adachi speaks to students in the band room.


Mr. and Mrs. Polak speak to the Schreiber Auditorium.