Dr. Rothman Scholarship Fund

If you would like to donate directly to the Dr. Rothman Scholarship Fund, please make a check out to "The Dr. Rothman Scholarship Fund" and send it to:

Eric Begun, Schreiber HS, 101 Campus Dr, Port Washington, NY 11050 ... along with your donation, feel free to share some thoughts about Dr. Rothman, as we are going to compile a guestbook of your thoughts.


Dr. Rothman taught Social Studies at Schreiber for nearly 40 years. He was the chairman of the department for much of that time. Dr. Rothman passed away in early December after battling the cancer that forced him to retire early.

On February 12, 2009, WDOT will kick off a 24 hour Radiothon, with all proceeds going to a "Dr. Mark Rothman Scholarship Fund." The scholarship will be bestowed on a senior who shows overall excellence in Social Studies. Dr. Rothman shared so much with students for the last few decades. It is our hope that he will continue to give back for years to come.

In addition to the Radiothon, Student Outreach will be putting on a Talent Show on February 12 with both students and teachers performing.

Finally, beginning in January, an online auction will be conducted at portradio.org. If you are interested in bidding on one of the items CLICK HERE.

Here is what Mr. Lewis had to say about Dr. Rothman:


ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Wednesday, December 3, 2008 (AM) 

Good morning, this is Mr. Lewis. 

I have a very sad announcement to make this morning.

This past Monday, the world – but most especially Port Washington – lost a giant.  Dr. Mark Rothman -- our retired Social Studies teacher, chair, and friend -- lost his battle with cancer and passed away.  Dr. Rothman retired in June of 2007 after a 37½ year career at Schreiber and 40½ years in the profession.  He was hired as a Schreiber teacher in 1970 and served as the Social Studies Chair for over 20 years.   

Dr. Rothman’s contributions to thousands of Schreiber students during his career, to his department as its chair, and to the profession as a university instructor are legendary and were always of the highest caliber.  

For current students who had the honor to have Dr. Rothman as their teacher, he was a demanding yet humane figure – always encouraging, always confident that Schreiber students were the finest.  One student said as a tribute to him that he, “knew everything about . . . well, everything, in addition to having an intricate map of various Italian cities virtually memorized!  There was never a question that he couldn’t answer for us, nor a date that he forgot.  For me, he was always a teacher, counselor, and friend.”  She went on to say, “Thank you for simply being yourself, and showing up everyday with an eagerness to share and teach with your students.” 

To his colleagues, he exuded support, kindness, and a trademark sense of humor that always made us smile.

In memory of our good friend, Dr. Mark David Rothman, may we please have a moment of silence in his honor.  

Thank you.   

Dr. Rothman – rest in peace.  You are already sorely missed.