2/15/07 ... 11:30 AM Los C Los and nikkipond begin their broadcast.










11:32 AM  ... Ms. Krebs sings the national anthem

12 PM - Lunch is being served, and there is a new Menu ... Molina Burgers, and the nikkipond Salad ...

12:30 PM - Guess who is serving out lunch live on the air?

12:50 PM - Mr. Medico purchases an autographed CD from Taka Katayama.

12:55 PM - WDOT station managers finish pledge collection and bake sale.

1:32 PM - Michael Luna, the soon-to-be winner of the WDOT Scavenger Hunt, shows off the elusive "Oyster" on the list.

2:30 PM -- The Radio Class makes its way up to pay a visit.

3:15 PM -- Solomita completes the bracket for the Madden Football Tournament.

3:30 PM -- 32 Video Gamers begin to slug it out over the next four hours to see who will be the best in Schreiber. Los C Los calls some of it on the air.

3:30 PM -- Taka starts counting up the money raised

5:30 PM - As the tournament is going on, nikkipond bonds with Mimi the teddy bear.

7:00 PM - Boy Scouts #77 pays a visit to earn a merit badge in communications

7:30 PM - One of the kids steals Mimi.

8:30 - The tournament is over, and Alex Stern defeats Victor Martinez in the finals of the Madden Bowl.

8:50 - Kat and JB call up two pizza places ordering one pie at each place for delivery. They are curious to see which company will be faster.

9:00 - Fredi Bernstein and Katie Hughes perform radio theater.

9:15 - The first pizza arrives, the second place delivers 10 minutes later ... a clear winner.

9:58 PM - The Girl's Basketball team stops by for a quick interview after a win.

10:00-6 AM ... The phone won't stop ringing for call-in shows. WDOT gets calls from 7 states ... including Ohio, California, and North Carolina. 5 DJs stay awake, and Mr. Klaff and nikkipond fight over who is better at Mario Kart.

7:15 AM - Los C Los calls in from Senior Breakfast.

9:00 AM - Mr. Fitzgerald stops by, and then our DJs race off to do the morning annoucements.

10:15 AM - Nurse Gombert makes sure our DJs aren't doing any irrevocable damage to their health for not sleeping.

10:45 AM - We are in our 24th Hour!

11:30 AM - WE MADE IT! And ... the PWEF stops by to reward our efforts with a check for ... WOW! $9,562 ... bringing our total money raised to over $11,000!!!!!